Open Europe Berlin

Challenge to Germany’s Merkel is from the far right — and left

USA today

USA today: On the cover of the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel released this weekend, the editors ask: “Will she fall?” Michael Wohlgemuth, a director of Open Europe Berlin, a think tank, said it’s too early to tell. “The Social Democrats are in high spirits after having landed their candidate (Steinmeier) for president and because, with Schulz, they are closing the gap on Merkel. I am not sure, however, if this ‘Schulz-effect’ is going to last. He is considered a fresh outsider’s face and not entangled in federal politics which should help motivate party campaigners.” “But if, as seems likely, people care more about public safety and coping with the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees, Schulz and his party have little to offer. It is here that Merkel is squeezed from the right much more than from the left.”