Open Europe Berlin

German-US relations after a year of Trump: what has changed?


Michael Wohlgemuth in The Local Germany:

“Policy makers are just as bewildered now as they were 12 months ago,” Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth, a foreign policy expert at Open Europe Berlin, told The Local. “There is still confusion about what exactly he is up to.”What seems clear on the European side though is that “transatlantic relations have lost their self-evident raison d’être,” argues Wohlgemuth. “In Europe there is a realization that we cannot rely on our US partner anymore. One beneficial effect has been that this has urged Europeans to get their act together.” Wohlgemuth points to a renewed impetus in EU common defence plans which have taken place over the past 12 months, with Germany as one of the main driving forces. On the trade front, meanwhile, Trump’s lack of interest in completing the TTIP free trade agreement with the EU has pushed Germany and its EU partners to look to strengthen trade ties elsewhere, including with countries such as Canada and Japan.